As Biden Announces Reelection Bid, Polling Analysis Finds Trump Losing to Biden Again, But DeSantis Winning


April 25, 2023

As President Joe Biden announces his bid for reelection today, Never Back Down PAC is releasing a polling analysis memo from highly respected data analytics firm WPA Intelligence regarding the state of the 2024 race. 

WPA Intelligence CEO Chris Wilson, who was named Pollster of the Year by the American Association of Political Consultants in 2021 for his work directing survey research and predictive analytics on Glenn Youngkin’s successful gubernatorial campaign, concludes that “Biden’s best hope for reelection is the nomination of Donald Trump, the man Biden beat in 2020 and would beat again in 2024. Not only would a Trump nomination hand Biden the White House (again), it would also have catastrophic down ballot effects on GOP candidates at all levels.”

Wilson’s memo states, “if the election were held today and Trump was the Republican nominee, Trump would lose to Joe Biden, 319 Electoral College votes to 219 Electoral College votes. Biden would receive the highest number of Electoral College votes a winner has received since Barack Obama defeated Mitt Romney in 2012. Comparatively, based on current polling, DeSantis would defeat Biden and win the White House with at least 286 Electoral College votes, or 296 if he carried the toss-up state of Wisconsin.”

Read Wilson’s full memo here.