Governor Ron DeSantis Endorsed by 37 Iowa GOP Legislators



May 12, 2023

ATLANTA, GA. – Over three dozen republican state Senators and Representatives in Iowa announced their support for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to be the next President of the United States. The Governor is scheduled to be in Iowa tomorrow.

“The support in Iowa for Governor Ron DeSantis to jump in the race and be our next President is overflowing – as shown by this historic list, which is the largest number of endorsements from Iowa legislators at this stage of a GOP primary in modern memory. Iowa’s leaders are getting behind DeSantis as the future of the Republican Party,” said Never Back Down Communications Director Erin Perrine. “From these endorsements to a record number of RSVPs for Rep. Feenstra’s Family Picnic headlined by the Governor, Iowans are impressed with Governor DeSantis’ record of unapologetic success in Florida and want to see that in the White House. Should DeSantis decide to run for President, it’s clear Iowans will be behind him.”

Here is the growing list of republican Iowa state legislators endorsing Governor Ron DeSantis:

  • Senate President Amy Sinclair (SD-12)
  • Senate Majority Whip Waylon Brown (SD-30)
  • Senator Scott Webster (SD-47)
  • Senator Jesse Green (SD-24)
  • Senator Adrian Dickey (SD-41)
  • Senator Mark Costello (SD-8)
  • Senator Ken Rozenboom (SD-19)
  • Senator Dennis Guth (SD-28)
  • Senator Dan Zumbach (SD-34)
  • Senator Tom Shipley (SD-9)
  • Senator David Rowley (SD-5)
  • Senator Mike Klimesh (SD-32)
  • House Majority Leader Matt W. Windschitl (HD-15)
  • House Speaker Pro Tempore John H. Wills (HD-10)
  • House Majority Whip Henry Stone (HD-7)
  • House Assistant Majority Leader Jon Dunwell (HD-38)
  • House Representative Dave Deyoe (HD-51)
  • House Representative Dean Fisher (HD-53)
  • House Representative Brian Best (HD-11)
  • House Representative Steven Holt (HD-12)
  • House Representative Tom Moore (HD-18)
  • House Representative Norlin Mommsen (HD-70)
  • House Representative Skyler Wheeler (HD-4)
  • House Representative Ann Meyer (HD-8)
  • Assistant House Majority Leader, Fmr. Speaker Brent Siegrist (HD-19)
  • House Representative David Sieck (HD-16)
  • House Representative Phil Thompson (HD-48)
  • House Representative Carter Nordman (HD-47)
  • House Representative Bob Henderson (HD-2)
  • House Representative Ken Carlson (HD-13)
  • House Representative Ms. Devon Wood (HD-17)
  • House Representative Bill Gustoff (HD-40)
  • House Representative Dan Gehlbach (HD-46)
  • House Representative Tom Determann (HD-69)
  • House Representative Mike Vondran (HD-94)
  • House Representative Taylor Collins (HD-95)
  • House Representative Hans Wilz (HD-25)